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Author: AnglesAdministrator2016

15 Apr Trending Now? The Questions asked the most by new clients.

SEO.  CPM.  GRP.  Sometimes explaining a media buy to a new client feels more like going over a stock report than exploring options for advertising. The changing landscape of advertising has been dominated in recent years by expanded digital choices:  social media, mobile, digital networks, display,...

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09 Apr Parading the Brand All Over Town

When your client requests an outdoor billboard, that’s one thing. An outdoor parade? That’s something different. Our goal in 2015 was to reimagine an event with literally a classic resume in the McDonald’s Magic City Classic Parade. The parade celebrates the nation’s largest predominantly black...

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09 Apr Nothing Fishy about this Story

The best thing about the Aquatic Gardens story is, well, the gardens.  This client might have the best showroom in town:  pebbled walkways through beautiful statuaries and aquatic plants, not to mention koi and exotic fish all painted in beautiful splotches of orange, purple and...

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