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About Us


What’s in a name?  For us, history.  And a bit of an inside joke.  Angels Advertising is the progress in a journey that began for us under the watchful eye of Max Cooper, a McDonald’s Restaurant owner and decorated marketeer. Over the years, Mr. Cooper began to refer to his team of ladies in the Advertising Department as “Max’s Angels.”  The name sort of stuck –  and as that department grew into the agency it is today, we thought it appropriate to honor Mr. Cooper by keeping it.  We have been working together as a team for nearly 25 years.

Debbie Kiker

Debbie’s passion for advertising and event management is only eclipsed by her obsession with Pinterest.  A University of Alabama graduate, Debbie’s career in marketing was forged in the shadow of the Golden Arches.  Over a 30 year advertising career with McDonald’s, Debbie has worked alongside efforts both local and national.  The unanimous choice for “boss”, Debbie claims no title, but wears many a hat.

Bridget Baughan

If “Person that Gets it Done” were a job title, it would be inscribed on Bridget’s business card.  Business Manager first, she moonlights daily as Director of Social Media – two interests likely rooted in a Business degree from UAB with an emphasis in Marketing.  A self-described “Softball Mom”, Bridget keeps everyone on budget, or they have to run laps.

Tammie Howard

Tammie lives and breathes media strategy.  It’s even rumored that she buys in bulk because shopping by “cost per thousand” seems so comfortable.  A Southern Miss graduate with a Masters in Communications from The Unversity of Alabama, Tammie combines 25 years of media planning with a clear understanding of the changing digital landscape. Beyond travel, cooking and long beach walks, Tammie enjoys her time on the Ronald McDonald House Board of Directors.


There’s no “I” in team.  But there is one in “Alison”.  And “David” – just two of the names of key team members that help Angels Advertising add value to our services.  Each of these partners brings a unique set of skills and a level of energy and commitment that is vital to our business … and yours.


Tom Rogers

Business Insights Consultant

Alison Lathem

Art Direction

Bob Barker

Creative Direction,
Think Tank Member

Bruce Carpenter

Graphic Artist, Production Coordinator

David Parrish

Event Management