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Nothing Fishy about this Story

Nothing Fishy about this Story

The best thing about the Aquatic Gardens story is, well, the gardens.  This client might have the best showroom in town:  pebbled walkways through beautiful statuaries and aquatic plants, not to mention koi and exotic fish all painted in beautiful splotches of orange, purple and green.  The problem was … not enough people knew about it. Beyond working with the owner to promote on-site, how-to classes and Saturday-afternoon picnics on the grounds, we were tasked with a new marketing plan, renovating the brick & mortar and digital storefront, and placing new media across new platforms.

• Created new website, dramatically improving design and search engine optimization

• Developed :15 and :30 campaigns for retail space

• Developed social media and other online resources for greater exposure

• Increased publicity efforts through press release and community involvement